Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Not such a bad idea"

The Whittier Daily News had a round-up of independent candidates this morning, giving "humorous awards" to each of the campaigns. The article ended with this little bit
The Maybe This Isn't Such a Bad Idea Award: To David Koch and his running mate Ken Goldstein. Despite their political differences - Koch professes to have a conservative outlook, and Goldstein balances his outlook to the left - they are longtime friends who often debate their political viewpoints. When they conceived their plans to run for president, they found these differences to be an advantage, according to their Web site. Rather than the traditional choice of running mates from similar political viewpoints, they built their campaign with a team with alternate viewpoints. Koch claims the pair has a strange ability "to argue through issues we disagree on and come to common ground." "Neither left nor right, but what is right" is their slogan.
It's nice to wake up in the morning to a little good press! Even if it is from Whittier, birthplace of Richard Nixon.

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