Friday, February 09, 2007

Unity08 - Grassroots for Silver Spoons

When I first found Unity08, I took them at face value; a group of Americans fed up with the political process and looking to open it up to a wider group of citizens. The movement they appeared to be building was for a consensus ticket, neither Democratic nor Republican, to unite us all and move beyond the divisive noise that passes for governance today. These are goals I can applaud and support, so even though there wasn't a lot of meat there at first, I've kept an eye on Unity08.

And then the paint begins to crack, and we get a peek at who's really pulling the strings behind the scenes, and it's none other than the usual suspects, just wearing a different uniform.

This is not a grassroots movement. And it is not an outside-the-beltway movement. And it is not in any way, shape, or form a movement by the powerless against those in power. It's simply a means to cash in on the frustration that so many of us feel with the system, and get us hooked into an organization that will make sure that the current system is perpetuated with nothing more than the slightest cosmetic make-over.

Thanks to the folks at the Irregular Times, we know that Unity08 is funded in large chunks by the very rich and powerful interests they pretend to stand in opposition to. This is no reform movement; it's a sham.

Want real independent candidates? You won't find them at Unity08.

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