Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Bush administration adds polluted landfill in Fresno to nation's list of historic landmarks - Leaky trash site chosen as national treasure

Really, the folks in Fresno, and people who are really into the history of garbage, say it truly is an historic site; the first dump to use the trench method. But, come on folks. It's a garbage dump. Not only is it a dump (literally), but it's also a dangerous dump; it's already been designated as a superfund toxic mess site.

Now, if I were cynical, I'd say that this choice by Interior Secretary Gale Norton is symbolic of the Bush administration's feelings for California in general, and what they'd like to do to our coastline in specific.

But I'm not that cynical. Instead I'll just make a bad joke here: Why do they need a dump in Fresno, the whole damn town is a toxic dump!

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