Thursday, August 23, 2001

It's Fight Back Day at Ken's blog...

Tired of those nausiating pop-under ads all over the net? Wherever you go, these annoying windows appear, and now they have added sound. Is there a way to avoid them? From the web site...
Q: Can you turn your ads off so I never see them again?

A: Click Here! This link will prevent your computer from having the X10 "pop-under" ads appear for the next 30 days! You must make sure you have your cookies enabled, for this link will give your computer a cookie that will disallow X10 pop-under ads from appearing on your computer as you "surf" the Internet. If you clear or delete your cookies, then it will be possible for X10's pop-under ads to appear on your machine. If you don't know what a "cookie" is, then you're probably set and don't have to worry about it - just click this link to remove the ads!

Way back in the good old days, when AOL would send their unsolicited junk mail, it would come on floppy disks. It was annoying, but at least you could reformat them and put those disks to good use. Then they started coming on CDs, and lets face it, there's only so many CD mobiles you really want to make, but they just keep on coming.

So what can you do with all those AOL CDs? You can mail them to the No More AOL CDs campaign. Their mission is "to make it clear to AOL a lot of people do not want and have never asked for their CDs." Once they collect a cool million AOL CDs they plan on dumping them at AOL headquarters in a massive Return to Sender protest.

Personally, I've got another use in mind. Each one claims to entitle the bearer to anywhere from 500 to 1000 free hours, right? I'm saving mine up. If some doctor ever gives me three months to live, I'll be ready. "Just wait a second there, Doc. I've got over 75,000 free hours coming to me. Don't pull the plug just yet..."

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