Thursday, August 09, 2001

We're back from San Diego, I've got my computer back on my desk, and the summer is almost over. Looks like a return to "normality" may be in the offing. But first, a recap of the vacation...

We had an early morning flight into S.D. and started our vacation with brunch at the Waterfront Bar & Grill - "San Diego's Oldest and Finest Purveyor of Spirits and Other Adult Beverages" - a former hole-in-the-wall dive that is in transition to yuppiedom as the neighborhood around it is redeveloped. Definitely a one-of-a-kind location.

From there we journeyed north (and definitely more up-scale) to La Jolla, where we walked around the beaches and the shops and galleries. A favorite spot of ours in La Jolla is a little beach where the harbor seals hang out.

After check-in and a brief rest at the hotel (the Sheraton Marina), it was off downtown to the Gaslamp Quarter, where we had dinner at Croce's Restaurant and Jazz Bar (as seen on VH1's "Behind the Music"). Croce's is owned by Ingrid Croce-Rock, the widow of singer/songwriter Jim Croce ("You Don't Mess Around with Jim" "Time in a Bottle"), and the restaurant is filled with Jim Croce memorabilia. Their son, A.J. Croce, sometimes performs here as well. Also available is Ingrid's cook book/memoir, "Thyme in a Bottle."

The food was actually quite excellent, if a bit expensive. I had a duck breast entree that was incredible. Leslie's salad, combined with the framed song lyrics and photos on the walls, inspired the following bit of creativity back at the hotel...
I've got a point that I think you'll find valid
I'm gonna lay it down on you now in a ballad
I think you should try encrusted goat cheese salad

Pan-roasted duck breast
Truly is the best
And the free-range chicken
Would be really good pickin'
But for a starter that sure to please
Get the salad with herb-crusted goat cheese

If I could save thyme in a bottle
The first thing that I'd want to do
Is open a jazz bar and gourmet restaurant
And sell goat cheese salad to you...
Anyway - I've got to be off to work now. I'll post some more trip highlights later...

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