Monday, August 13, 2001

The original members of the classic R&B and funk band Earth, Wind & Fire all turned 50 this year, but the band is still around and still touring. And who better to sponsor the tour of a bunch of 50 year older funksters than Viagra?

Yep, Earth, Wind, Fire & Viagra have reunited sex and drugs with rock 'n' roll.

A spokesman for Pfizer, Viagra's maker, says that it's "only appropriate to reach out to men as they hit their early 40s, when their testosterone levels start to sink and their sexual worries to rise."

Oh, great. I thought I made it through that fortieth birthday thing relatively unscarred, and now this. I get to worry about sinking testosterone levels! I've moved into the prime audience to have Viagra marketed at me.

This article from Alternet looks at the EWF/Viagra partnership, compares it to the efforts to encourage celibacy in teens, and concludes that, "Old fogies can pay for adolescent boners to enhance their sex life, but adolescents with boners must pretend sex is not a part of life. After all, sex, drugs and rock and roll belong to baby boomers." Well, at least that's something.

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