Thursday, August 09, 2001

Final installment of "What I did on vacation in San Diego" ...

We spent the day out on Coronado Island, starting a short walk through the village to find brunch before taking a look at the world famous Hotel Del Coronado. The Del is a Victorian mansion of a beach-side hotel, built in 1888, and is one of the largest wooden structures in America. You'd recognize it's red-gabled facade from many movies and TV shows, from "Some Like it Hot" to the "The Stuntman" (and don't forget the Jim Belushi classic, "K-9").

From there we strolled out quite a way along the surf before wading out and enjoying the cool Pacific. (Pause, close eyes, breath deep, think of the ocean).

Returning past the Del, a bit sandier than when we left, we slipped into the guest's-only pool area and cleaned up in their restrooms, then took a quick dip in their pool. Don't tell them, okay?

We had time, on the way back to the airport, to return to where we had started four days earlier, to the Waterfront for one final drink (Meyer's rum & coke, of course).

And that, dear friends, is the last of my notes on Summer Vacation 2001: San Diego.

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