Monday, October 08, 2001

In the last 20 hours the war of words turned into an offensive assault on Afghanistan. Although I've been supportive of some sort of action, I must say I felt dismayed and saddened by the scope of yesterday's display.

I've said before that I thought our best efforts in this cause would be through those actions that are more covert, and that any big military assault would be more for show. Think about what we did, and the possible reasons for it. Did we wipe out the weapons they're using against us? No - their weapons in terror are our own aircraft, Ryder trucks filled with explosives, box cutters.

If we indeed took out their tanks and military aircraft last night, it wasn't to deprive them of the ability to attack us - it was to deprive them of the ability to defend themselves: it clears the stage for a land invasion. How does our invading and occupying Afghanistan protect us against a multi-national, or rather, supra-national terrorist organization?

The attacks against us - make no mistake, we were deliberately and offensively attacked and we need to strike back - were done covertly. They must also be met covertly. We need the cooperation of the intelligence communities of every nation. Last night's display will only weaken our coalition and the possibility getting of such cooperation.

I know we "had to do something" - I'm just terrified that we've gone too far and will only get ourselves distracted as we enter a long occupation of a territory where we should be staying clear.

Speaking for the strikes, here's an article I recommend:

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PEACE MOVEMENT - Parting Ways Over the War on Terrorism by Charles Deemer
"I do not believe the network of terroism can be defeated without engaging it directly, which I believe will result in violent acts.... So farewell, my friends."

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