Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Let's see - Bush, et al, have done nothing but warn us that this will be a long war. Yet, somehow, people are surprised that it's not all over three weeks after it began. Now - surprise of surprises - folks are shocked that we're planning where to build a US Base in Afghanistan.

Hello! Didn't I tell you that we needed a permanent base there to protect the pipeline (once we build it)?

Read the shocking news: U.S. expects longer war (USA Today)

On a lighter note, we saw Serendipity over the weekend. It worked very well as a light romantic comedy. John Cusack is great, as always. Leslie thought it was the best of the movies we've seen recently.

We didn't realize until the name came up on the screen, but it was produced by my old boss, Simon Fields. I worked for Simon as a lowly production assistant when he was the King of Limelight Film & Video and we were making some of the best music videos of the 1980s. But that's a story for another day...

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