Sunday, October 21, 2001

Yesterday (after posting my new article at Suite 101) we went to see Bandits. It was a pretty good movie. Barry Levinson is one of my favorite directors (Avalon is one of my all-time favorite films), and this fits in well with his work: Funny, with a heart.

Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton are the Odd Couple of bank robbing. Bruce plays Oscar and Billy Bob plays Felix, with Cate Blanchett as Bonnie Parker (okay, so it's the Odd Couple Meets Bonnie & Clyde 1 & Clyde 2). The truly sad part is, I identified more with Billy Bob's character than with Bruce's.

Their side-kick, getaway car driver, is played by Troy Garity, whose real last name is Hayden. His parents are Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda. Yep, he's the grandson of Henry, nephew of Peter, and cousin of Bridget.

Recommendation: This wasn't quite Oscar material, but it was certainly well written, directed, and acted, and should keep you amused for an evening. If you're interested in the movie you shouldn't be disappointed.

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