Friday, October 05, 2001

Yes, I'm still alive. First few days (weeks?) on a new job is a bit of added stress that doesn't leave much time (or brain capacity) for having a life, let alone writing about one.

I will share this with you: Yesterday afternoon, I did manage to test out the stalls of the men's room. Yep, took a good crap. This is something not enough people realize the benefit of; crapping on company time. I've known guys who, if they were home and they had to "go", would wait till they were at work before letting it out. Few things in life feel as good as being paid to take a crap. Hey, if it's something you know how to do, and you do it well, why not turn pro?

Okay, I've got to go again. To work, I mean. You've got a filthy mind.

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