Wednesday, November 21, 2001

"Give thanks. Then give."

What do you call the day after Thanksgiving? It's a Friday that most of us get off as a holiday, but what holiday is it? That question has finally been answered as the Holiday formerly known as "the Friday after Thanksgiving" has been christened "Giving Day."

"Continue the spirit of Thanksgiving by celebrating Giving Day," the Giving Day website suggests. They don't tell you what to give, or to whom, but give ideas on how your time, money, old furniture, and commitment can help for some cause you believe in.

They explain the new "holiday" in three easy steps:
· Step One: Make a Giving Day Commitment - Do that today by thinking about what causes are important to you, and how you could help this week. Write down your commitment on your to-do list for Friday.
· Step Two: Begin on Thanksgiving - Get the word out by sharing your commitment and the concept of Giving Day with your family and friends over Thanksgiving dinner. Don't be shy, remember how appropriate this is on Thanksgiving.
· Step Three: Follow Through - On Friday write that check, or sign up for those volunteer hours, or drop that old stuff at Goodwill, or whatever else you committed to.

In the spirit of Giving Day, I'm challenging everybody who reads this to call their local food bank and find out what they still need for Thanksgiving, then bring it to them today. I just dropped off a 20 pound turkey on Saturday, and may try to do another drop today.

Find out more and get ideas on how to celebrate Giving Day: Giving Day (.org)

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