Sunday, November 18, 2001

Well, yesterday I went and did it! I bought a DVD player. It's a TEAC five-disk changer with very complicated remote with tons of buttons and things (it scares Leslie). After a rather lean year, I felt the need to do something crazy and add to our entertainment system. After many weeks of research and deep thought, I just did it.

First disk: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Special Edition. Lots of fun; listed to rude commentary from Cleese, Idle, & Palin, watched the Japanese version with poorly translated English subtitles, the Knights of the Roundtable number re-shot with Legos, the BBC documentary on the making of the movie, and there's still many more things to play with over the two-disk set. These DVDs are fun!

And, of course, I have a wish-list for disks I'd like to have:
· Citizen Kane (w/ extra documentary feature "The Battle for Kane")
· The Godfather (full set)
· This is Spinal Tap
· The Kinks: One for the Road

Of course, I wasn't completely greedy yesterday. I also bought a 20-pound turkey to drop off at the food bank for their Thanksgiving holiday food drive. I still feel just a little guilty about blowing $150 on a toy, but I suppose I could have done a lot more damage than that.

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