Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Today's Mercury News included an empty grocery bag with instructions to fill it with "nutritious, non-perishable foods" and bring it to the Second Harvest Food Bank. The paper included the following note from the Publisher:
"Dear Reader,

"The economic downturn and events following the Sept. 11 attack have affected many people in the Bay Area. There's an easy way for you to help those with the greatest needs..." (Read the rest of the note)
I want to thank the Mercury News, and congratulate them on this meaningful show of community leadership.

In other news, I neglected to comment on the latest results from the Microsoft anti-trust suits. The software behemoth has agreed to donate software and used computers to low-income schools as part of its bid to not be broken into several smaller companies. Before anybody jumps for joy over the donations, consider what "used computers" means. Support, anybody?

Let's see... Microsoft's "punishment" for monopolistic practices is to place their software into schools, one of the few markets where Apple still has dominance. What's next? Punishing Peeping Toms by sending them to nudist camps?

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