Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Be sure to watch the big show tonight when Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards takes on Shadow President Dick Cheney. I just hope that mean old VP doesn't hurt that nice young man from North Carolina. Hopefully they'll search Cheney for weapons of mass destruction before they allow him on stage.

Over at The Capital Times, John Nichols has 10 questions for Cheney that I'd love to hear the answers to, but which probably won't be asked tonight. Still, I suggest you review the questions and ask them of your right-wing friends.

And, if you think the repercussions of this elections will only last for four years, check out People for the American Way's amusing flash video on Nixon's legacy on the Supreme Court, and how Nixon's hand helped turn the 2000 election. Take a look, and then pass the URL on to your un-decided friends who can't be bothered to vote this year.

After you've checked out those links, and watched the debate, click on over to JohnKerry.com and make one more small donation to get some ads played in the swing states.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who is also a nonprofit consultant. I was telling him that my business has slowed down in the past few months after a good start. He agreed that it is slow, that he's never seen it so bad, and that with upcoming budget cuts it's only going to get worse. He is terrified of a Bush re-election (as am I), and is seriously considering moving to Australia if it happens.

I've had similar conversations over the last few weeks with others in the nonprofit field locally: consultants who've never seen it so slow and professionals with roots in the community who are talking about emigrating elsewhere (Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, etc.) if Kerry loses.

Personally, I'm just seeing that I missed the opportunity to move Ohio or Pennsylvania a couple of months ago. At least there my vote would have a chance of effecting the outcome.

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