Sunday, October 24, 2004

Little more than a week to go before the Presidential election, and I'm sure you can't wait for it to be over. I for one am sick of hearing of new polls every two hours. Now Bush is up by two points. Now they're neck-and-neck. Now somebody's leading by only one point, but the other poll shows it's the other guy leading by one. Now they're in a statistical dead-heat. Enough already!

There have been many articles on the number of people casting early or absentee ballots. The articles claim that the reason for this is that people are unsure of the new electronic voting systems and want to be certain that their vote is counted. That may be true, but I think a good number of the early voting is just to be done with it already. Once they've voted they can stop listening to all the noise.

And noise it is. The ads are getting nastier on both sides as each tries desperately to build a meaningful lead. Only successfully pulls each side apart and gives the truth on which each sides lies are based.

Just try to stay above the noise, and don't let it discourage you. Vote anyway, even if just to piss them off.

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