Monday, October 11, 2004

My period of semi-under-self-employment is coming to an end. This morning I accepted a position at the Emergency Housing Consortium as Assistant Director of the singles division. That's not singles as in swinging good times, but as in individual homeless persons; the other divisions are families and youth.

Now don't go thinking that this changes my mind about the state of the economy. After all, I'll be going to work at a homeless shelter that has far more people showing up each night than there are beds available, with a primary task of finding more money to keep the doors open in the midst of government budget cuts. Of course, I am feeling a bit more secure about my personal economic situation. So much so that I've just made a little trip to and made a small donation.

After many years on the "technical assistance" side of nonprofit life it will be exciting, rewarding, and just a little bit scary, to return to the direct service side of things. I've got a couple of weeks to wrap up most of my consulting gigs (won't be a problem) and then I'll start work on the 25th. I've got a couple of workshops that I'm scheduled to teach after that, but my new boss is aware of them and is okay with my taking time off to make those commitments.

Interesting thing about being self-employed; rather than having to give notice to one boss, I've got several bosses (clients) to notify and make final arrangements with. I'd better get started...

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