Friday, October 08, 2004

Excuse me while I take the morning off from the Presidential race to focus on California politics. We've got fifteen different statewide ballot propositions this time around, including multiple conflicting and competing initiatives dealing with Indian Gaming, Health Care, Primary Elections, Law Enforcement, and more.

I've posted my first impressions of each the fifteen, along with how I think I will be voting, but I reserve the right to flip-flop and change my vote as I read more and learn some of the finer details of proposals.

One issue that's not on the ballot is the ballot itself. Many of us (including here in Santa Clara County) will be using paperless voting machines. No paper proof of how you voted, and no means for a re-count. It's making a lot of people very nervous, and many are planning on using absentee ballots to get around that.

But, here's a little line I found in my "Official Voter Information Guide": Every voter does have the option of casting a paper ballot. "If you would prefer to use a paper ballot instead of a touchscreen/DRE, you may request one when you sign in at the polls." I may try that, and see if they'll actually give me a paper ballot.

There's still time for Californians to register; the deadline is October 18.

Tonight - Back to the Presidential race with debate number two...

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