Wednesday, October 13, 2004

John Kerry kicked ass! The debate just ended and there is no doubt that Kerry has won three out of three debates. The President had absolutely nothing to offer in this debate on domestic policy.

Three questions pertained in some way to jobs - one about layoffs, one on the minimum wage, and one about affirmative action - and in each instance all W could do was talk about No Child Left Behind. The questions had to do with adults who've either lost their jobs, or aren't earning enough to feed their family, or who are being passed over for jobs because of their race, and the President's answer is early childhood education?

No Child Left Behind and tax cuts. Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts. Oh, and No Child Left Behind. Four years and that's the entire record Bush has to run on. Everything else he's running from. Oh, it wasn't his recession. Oh, but we were attacked. Give me a freaking break.

Meanwhile, John Kerry was strong, forceful, personable, and clear. He didn't dodge the questions; he offered real answers without treating all Americans like idiots.

I came into this election season as a "nobody but Bush" voter. Then I was a "Vote for Kerry, hope you don't regret it" kind of guy. Now I'm truly sold. John Kerry is not a second best choice, or a necessary evil. This guy is good, and I will be proud and pleased to vote for him on November 2.

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