Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The latest entry at takes on the oft-repeated myth that John Kerry is the "most liberal man in the US Senate." Sure, he's a little more liberal than average, but whether he's number 1 or number 478 all depends on who's doing the counting and how it is that they decide to measure what a "liberal" is.

And... as has been pointed out before... what the hell is wrong with being liberal? The more liberal candidate has won the popular vote in each of the last three Presidential elections. Keep that in mind on November 2.

"Sure, Ken," I hear you say. "But hasn't Kerry voted to raise my taxes an average of once every three weeks?" Well, if I may quote "Kerry has not voted 350 times for tax increases, something Bush campaign officials have falsely accused Kerry of on several occasions. On close examination, the Bush campaign's list of Kerry's votes for 'higher taxes' is padded. It includes votes Kerry cast to leave taxes unchanged (when Republicans proposed cuts), and even votes in favor of alternative Democratic tax cuts that Bush aides characterized as 'watered down.'"

What about the Bush campaign's improved claim that Kerry voted 98 times "for tax increases?" "That number is still padded, including 43 votes on budget measures that only set targets and don't actually legislate tax increases, as well as multiple votes regarding an individual bill."

Need a good laugh? (Well, maybe laughing through the tears?) - Check out Filmstrip International's little flash presentation. Play it at work and sing along (if you don't really need the income).

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