Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Introducing My New Blog

Today I started a second blog. The new one will be a nonprofit resources and fundraising tips blog associated with my consulting site. I will, of course, also continue to update this site regularly with random items of political and cultural ramblings.

Such as... Rolling Stone Magazine and MTV are launching a new reality show. Is "The Apprentice" a bit too tough for you? Does the Donald make you shake? Then try your hand at rock journalism and "win" a job at Rolling Stone.

You too could make an ass of yourself on national TV for the chance to be the next Cameron Crowe or Hunter S. Thompson. (And, of course, Jann Wenner gets to make money off your writing skills during the taping of the show paying you nothing).

Speaking of money for nothing, is Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits Jewish? You'll have to head over to to find out. Take the "Jew or Not" quiz, read through the "Challah Fame," and read all the articles about Jewish rockers (and about their lawsuit with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).

BTW: Jann Wenner is far more terrifying than Donald Trump

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