Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've been very busy working (yesterday I actually had to turn down a client I'm so busy!), but had to post about the new Ray Davies CD.

The former Kinks front-man is back with an excellent disc! My favorite tracks today are All She Wrote, Creatures of Little Faith, Is There Life After Breakfast?, and the title track, Other People's Lives. I'm sure tomorrow I'll have a different list, maybe After the Fall, Run Away From Time, or Over My Head.

At 62 this is Ray's first full-length solo album. He's put out soundtracks and a live album with a few new songs here and there, but never a full disc of new songs without any Kinks. And, amazingly, it's among his best work.

I picked it up on Sunday, and have listened to it almost non-stop since then.

Other People's Lives by Ray DaviesRay Davies

Other People's Lives

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