Thursday, March 16, 2006

You may have received the following email that is being forwarded around:

> New Orleans Public Library is asking for any and
> all hardcover and paperback books to restock the
> shelves after Katrina. The library staff will
> assess which titles will be designated for the
> shelves. The rest will be distributed to
> destitute families or sold for library fundraising.
> The books can be sent to:
> Rica A Trigs, Public Relations
> New Orleans Public Library
> 219 Loyola Avenue
> New Orleans, LA 70112
> If you tell the post office that the books are for
> the library in New Orleans, they will give you
> the library rate that is less than the book rate.

I did some checking around to make sure it was not a hoax, and it is for real. BUT, before you start packing up a lot of old, used books, there are few things to consider... a) The library does not have a loading dock, or storage area to sort large, un-solicited shipments, and, b) The shipping costs might be more than the books are worth.

Instead, you might want to consider having a yard sale with your old books and sending the proceeds to re-build the New Orleans library. Or, keep your books and just make a donation.

More information:
* New Orleans Library Foundation Donations FAQ
* Make an online donation to re-build the New Orleans Public Library

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