Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's official: "Politicians will always say stupid things."

In a quick follow-up to my posting the other day about the YouTube-ization of politics, the SF Chronicle had an article this morning about politicians getting caught on candid cameras.

The bottom line, according to political consultant Dan Schnur, is this: "If you don't want to be caught on videotape saying something stupid, don't say stupid things." Far easier said than done for most politicians these days.

Far from the negative view of this phenomenon I reported on earlier, the Chronicle also quotes Steve Scully, political editor for C-SPAN, as saying, "This will be better for the voters and better for democracy. ... It is impossible for the candidate to be scripted all the time. Your personality is going to come through."

C-SPAN, of course, has been airing unedited campaign video for years - but, unfortunately, to a much smaller audience than is apparently watching

Rather than fight the future, Schnur's attitude is just to deal with it: "Politicians will always say stupid things. It's is going to take more than YouTube to fix that."

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