Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You Are Your Inbox - And You're A Mess!

Do you keep all your emails in the inbox, now numbering in the thousands? Then you're unable to make decisions, afraid to miss opportunities, and unable to say no. Clear out your inbox obsessively, making sure it's empty by the end of each session? Then you're too quick on the draw, compulsive, and unable to enjoy "the richness of life."

According to the experts quoted in Hoarders vs. Deleters: What your inbox says about you, no matter how you manage your email, you are one sick puppy. According to psychologist Dr. Dave Greenfield, founder of the Center for Internet Behavior, "inboxes are metaphors for our lives." But it's not necessarily your fault. Dr. Greenfield, in true Freudian fashion, will allow you to blame your mother for your inability to answer and file email in a sane manner.

Not covered in the article are people who would like to keep their inbox clean, but don't understand the technical side of how to set up folders and archives to manage their email. Are they unable to say no, or just unable to find the user manual?

Confession time: I'm a mostly-clean inboxer. I file my emails once I've responded or decided that no response is needed. In my main inbox right now there are nine messages awaiting attention. In my other accounts (gmail, yahoo, etc.) there are probably only one or two messages on average. Not quite obsessive with the cleaning, but not cluttered either. Okay, Doc, does that mean I'm well?

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