Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Real Independents Vs. Sour Grapes Independents

In a dramatic bout of Orwellian logic, Joe Lieberman has begun his Independent campaign for re-election "to save the Democratic party." As an independent voter and candidate myself, I am rarely one to discourage Independent campaigns. But...

Lieberman has on many issues - not all, but many - separated himself from the Democratic Party. That's fine. That's democracy. I respect a man who votes his principals over party line ideology, even when I disagree with his choices. There's little doubt that he is, and has been for a while, an Independent.

It's just my feeling, however, that you should conduct a campaign the way you begin it. He began by asking for the Democratic Party nomination. He began by asking "what do Democratic voters want?" Now that the Democratic Party voters have spoken and nominated somebody else, he declares he's an Independent.

Had Lieberman run as an Independent from day one, I'd respect him and his choices (even while disagreeing with his war votes, etc.). But to run as an Independent now is nothing more than sour grapes, and fairly obviously stinkingly sour grapes at that.

Joe, listen, it's not your Senate seat; it's the people's. The people have spoken. Thank you for your dedicated service to your state and your country. Next!

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