Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Independent Candidate News

Following up on yesterday's post about Joe Lieberman's new rebirth as an Independent candidate for Senate, here's news of a new Independent entry into the 2006 race for California governor. Porn star Mary Carey has officially launched her second bid for the office.

Having failed to secure the 164,000 petition signatures needed for ballot listing (she only missed it by 163,960), she'll be a write-in candidate, but she still feels she has a chance by concentrating her campaign on getting votes of horny college age men and using the slogan "Finally, a politician you want to be screwed by."
"I've actually been sober for five days now," she said, adding that she intended to give up alcohol until election day in November to focus her energies on the campaign.

Carey's platform includes getting the FBI to "leave porn stars alone" and concentrate on the war with Iraq and said that if elected she, like Schwarzenegger, would put her film career on hold while she served as governor.

"Although my movies only take a day or two to shoot, so I could probably do them on weekends," she said.
I could make some rude remarks about Carey's lack of any idea of what the Governor does (really, the FBI and Iraq are Federal issues, not state), but I won't. The sad part is, she might be a better choice than either Schwarzenegger or Angelides.

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