Monday, November 01, 2004

Excuse my long absence - I've been putting all my energy into my new job, now entering its second week. After just about a year of not having a full-time "regular" job, it's quite an adjustment!

I'm still rather tired, too tired to write much now, but just in case anybody is reading this: Get out and Vote!

I really don't know what tomorrow will bring, whether or not there will be a clear-cut winner, whether or not the loser will go quietly into that good night, or whether we're in for months of law suits and recounts, but I do know that I will be voting. And so should you.

For last minute, undecided voters, you can read several of my articles about this Presidential election season (with recommendations) on

Californians trying to find last minute recommendations on the ballot initiatives with find my short analysis over here.

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