Monday, November 08, 2004

1) Forget all this "Red State Vs. Blue State" crap. That's only a story because conflict sells papers and gets ratings. Subtlety and fine details don't distinguish media outlets from each other or attract advertisers.

The truth is that most states, whether red or blue, were won by margins of 51% to 55%. America is not a sea of united conservatives surrounded by the monolithic coastal liberals. There are both liberals and conservatives living in your very own neighborhood: learn to deal with it.

Well, Utah is pretty scary (71% for Bush). But other than that, most Americans are not polarized extremists of any stripe. The real map of how we voted is mostly purple, with only a few patches of true blue or red.

Point being: Don't give up on each other, or on our country. The electoral college is something else. You may give up on that.

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