Tuesday, November 09, 2004

2) If you're upset about the election results, but you didn't vote, register today! I know, the next election is a ways out there, but register today while the anger is fresh.

Bottom line: You can't change the system unless you participate. Democracy is a verb; it's something you do.

I know all the reasons for refusing to vote, and I agree with the sentiment. That's why I'm a Green, and why I don't lock myself into the two-party duopoly. I'd rather cast a "protest vote" that some consider "wasted" than abstain and have it taken as tacit approval of the system.

Voting is the only thing that gets their attention. And better yet, it scares the hell out of them.

So, register today, and keep your registration up to date. This isn't just about voting once every four years, it's about getting involved in every election. By the time these weasels are running for President it's almost too late. We need to effect the system through every office, from local boards on up.

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