Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Programs! Get yer programs here! Can't tell who's in the Bush cabinet without a program. Get yer programs here!" Check out CNN's easy to follow pictorial of who's in and who's out in the new administration, "Revenge of the Neocons." (And get a good chuckle as you learn that the new Secretary of Education is named "Spellings." You know that's why W picked her, right?)

The new administration is barely underway, but already the question is being asked, "Who will it be in 2008?" One possible answer to that question requires that we first "Amend for Arnold." Yes, the Governator would like to be der President, except for that pesky little thing we call the Constitution. (The Constitution hasn't been much of a roadblock for the current crew, it shouldn't stand in Arnold's way either).

I'm willing to open the debate on whether or not foreign-born citizens should be eligible to run for President, but I'm not willing to amend for any one person. It may well be time to make the required change, but we have to decide it on the basis of law, policy, and democracy, not by personality.

As long as the debate is only about allowing a single neophyte Governor, with only one year of public service to his record (and a slightly mixed record, at that), to run for President my answer is No. Begin with a discussion of why the framer's banned foreign-born Presidents in the first place, and what has changed since then, and I'm willing to listen.

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