Wednesday, November 10, 2004

3) Yesterday I scolded the people who didn't vote (sorry, but it had to be done). Today's warning is for those who did vote, and think they now have a four year vacation. You don't.

The next election is not four years away. You will be voting on your Congress person, and maybe a Senator or some state offices in 2006. You may have some local or possibly state offices on a 2005 ballot.

Take a good look right now at who is representing you at each of those levels. Are they really representing you, or are they representing an ideology you don't agree with?

Sick of poor choices every four years when you vote for President, but think you can sit out local races? Forget it. You have to get involved and vote at every level. And if you don't like your representatives, are you willing to run yourself?

Here's the point: We can neutralize W by 2006 by denying him a conservative mandate in Congress and in state and local legislative bodies. We don't have to put up with four more years of this. But you have to start working now, while your angry.

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