Monday, May 15, 2006

Farewell West Wing

The West Wing came to a quiet end last night - not quite with a whimper, but certainly no bang. A few things I need to say to begin this post:

1) I loved the show, even in the last couple of [comparatively lame] seasons.

2) I fully acknowledge that the show was nothing but liberal pornography.

3) As much as I loved it; I'm glad it's over.

Unfortunately, at the end, it was pornography that required viagra in the form of Alan Alda. Alda as viagra? Yes, I said it was liberal porn. Even for all the shark jumps and the drop in writing quality after Aaron Sorkin left, it was still one of the more intelligent shows on TV.

Okay, that's damning it with faint praise, too. How's this? As much of an oxymoron that "intelligent television" may be, this show managed it for a good long time.

But I'm glad it's done with. There's no conspiracy here. The show was not killed by a nation leaning to the right. It had simply run through its natural lifespan. These characters had gone as far as they could. They'd done every story, examined every crisis, and put off getting lives for as long as possible.

Farewell West Wing. Thank you.

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