Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day, 2006

This is a difficult day on which to post. There is the desire to honor and remember the 2,700+ Americans who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past several years sitting side-by-side with the revulsion over giving any credit to their mission.

Memorial Day, however, is for all fallen veterans of all wars, not just the current quagmire. Wars and battles are rarely as heroic and virtuous as we like to pretend they are, even when their causes are just and the results for the better. It is difficult to say that the ends always justifies the means on a day when you remember that "the means" involves burying thousands of young men well before their time.

Here are some more thoughts about this particular Memorial Day:
* From the Nation, My Soldiers, My Veterans
* From, Remember And Resist

We honor, yes. And we grieve. For the dead, and for our nation.

Reminder: Next week I will debut the first installment of my "blog carnival," The Carnival of the Decline of Democracy. You may submit your entry into the carnival anytime before Friday.

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