Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MySpace - NoReason

I'm sure it was a total waste of time, but I've now signed up for and set up my MySpace page. I can see why teens are thrilled with it, for the moment, but can't quite understand why anybody over 18 is there (except, of course, to meet those under 18).

I resisted it for a long time, but every article I read about the "future of the Internet" and online community ends up being about MySpace. And each article says that the members are not just teens, but include adults into their 80s. So, I'm doing my research. Yeah, that's it: research.

So, now I need friends. It's pretty pathetic only having the one default friend, "Tom," listed in my profile. Tom's got about 78 million friends. I don't expect I'll be getting a lot of his attention. Won't you be my friend? Visit MySpace and add me to your friends list.

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