Friday, May 05, 2006

The New Blinking Clock

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It used to be that you could tell if a friend was a techno-klutz by looking at their VCR and seeing if the clock was correctly set, or if it was doomed to be blinking 12:00 throughout eternity.

I have determined that the new blinking clock of the blogger age is the empty link list in the sidebar on the majority of blogspot blogs [random example]. You've seen them:


Recognize it?

Now, it is not my intention to insult anybody here. I mean this will all due love and respect for my fellow bloggers. But, please, either put in some links, or delete the links section. If you click on the "Edit-Me" link on your blog it will take you to a very simple explanation of how to modify your blog template.

Hints: You are not required to keep the link to Google News. You may have more than three links if you like. You may also have less.

I thank you. Your readers thank you. I'm sure the folks at Blogger/Google thank you as well.

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