Monday, September 11, 2006

Carnival of the Decline of Democracy - Round Eight

Before beginning this week's festivities, I would like to say a few words about September 11, and its relationship to this carnival.

I want to assure you that when I began this blog carnival a few months ago I did not realize that one of our regular posting dates would fall on this anniversary of a national tragedy. I considered changing the date of this round, out of respect for those murdered five years ago today.

Then, I realized that I had to post the carnival, out of respect for those who were murdered five years ago today. If, as the administration tells us, they died because of our freedoms, then the best way to honor them is to fight for our freedoms, including freedom of speech.

While the writers here typically don't agree with the current inhabitants of the White House, there is not one of them who would dishonor those killed on 9/11/01. The right to openly question our leaders' judgment is the democracy that we try to defend in these posts.

If you are offended, I apologize. But, as a wise man once said, "Free speech means having to put up with some stupid shit." Now, on with it...

Welcome to Round Eight of the Carnival of the Decline of Democracy - Blogging 'till the secret police take us away.

Carnival of the Decline of DemocracyWith that long-winded introduction out of the way, I am going to dispense with some of my usual commentary, and just give you this week's postings:

Phil for Humanity gives us two postings: The Effects of Globalization on the United States of America - and - A Solution for Politicians.

Brandon Peele weighs in with Politics is Philosophy for the Intellectually Lazy.

Madeleine Begun Kane lightens the mood with The Rumsfeld Trap, Political Haiku.

Steve Faber asks Senatorial Sensorship Alive and Well?

As a final note, I would like to refer you to my original postings of September 11, 2001 and of September 12. Heck, look at the whole September 2001 archive if you like.

Thank you for joining us on our bi-weekly look at the decline of democracy (and occasionally hopeful responses to it). The next edition of the Carnival will be posted on Monday, September 25th, with entries requested by Saturday, September 23rd, at midnight.

Submit your blog post for the next edition of the carnival of the decline of democracy using our carnival submission form. More information on future carnivals can be found on our carnival home page.

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  1. Great job! Thanks very much for including me.
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