Saturday, September 23, 2006

The viral nature of the 'net & a scary quiz

As you've probably heard me talk about before, my brother Steve runs a web site called Beneath Los Angeles, which is a collection of his cemetery photos of "the Famous, the Infamous, and the Just Plain Dead."

I selected about 60 of the photos, assembled them into a video, dubbed in some music, and posted it on YouTube last week. In the last couple of days I've noticed the hits to that video skyrocketing (about 3,500).

A friend provided the answer when he noticed it included on the infamous "Defamer" Hollywood gossip blog. There's also a link, and very nice write-up, on the Franklin Avenue blog, and even on the "Official" Tate-La Bianca Murders blog (due to Sharon Tate's inclusion in the video).

My fascination with YouTube, and how it can be used to communicate with lots of people quickly, continues to grow. And all I've done so far is play around and have some fun. (View the BLA video.)

Meanwhile, I took an online quiz to find out "What modern president are you most like?" Here are the terrifying results:
You Are Most Like George H. W. Bush

You're considered boring by people that don't know you well. But like Bush senior, you do crazy things. Maybe you'll end up banning broccoli in your house, or puking on the Prime minister of Japan!

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