Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still alive? Or have you been sucked into the YouTube?

Well, it seems that the prophecies of the House of Yahweh were wrong: No nuclear war began yesterday. So, there they are now, with egg on their face.

Of course, I hadn't planned on anything to post today, just in case they were right.

Frankly, I found myself wondering this morning if this blog is worth even keeping up. Of course, I'll continue to post whether or not anybody reads it - I'm just sick in that regard.

What has me thinking this is my experience on YouTube over the last couple of weeks. I posted my first video there on September 1, and have since posted a few more. Those videos have received a total of 2,117 views (as of this morning), and already 30 people have signed up to "subscribe" to my next videos. (Click here to see my "channel" if you're interested.)

By way of contrast, this blog has only received 554 hits in the same period (September 1-12), and my subscriber base is a bit less than 30. I've been writing this blog for five-and-a-half years. I've been on YouTube less than two weeks.

I haven't fully decided what to make of this data yet, or where it will lead me in my writing, etc. While the videos I've posted so far have not been very deep (deliberately not), I am impressed by the ability to reach so many people is such a short time.

A friend the other day told me that YouTube was a "time sink." I agree. But I'm fascinated never-the-less.

What about you? Are you the only person left who actually reads? Have you started watching YouTube? Love it or hate it, the revolution is being streamed right now.

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  1. Here's my aphorism in response to your post...

    You actually have me using my backspace button more than usual on this one...for many reasons...which is great because you got me thinking. I'm gonna treat this comment as a brainstorming session:
    (to be expanded upon later)
    -ur amazing ability to write ur thoughts that express feeling
    -keeping up your blog...absolutely...should you continue to use blogger as your canvas...NO* that is your main setback and the cause of all your worries, you are being restricted...and I will tell you details on phone or thru email
    -Your post inspired me...but what's amazing is what prompted me to check your site today...
    -youtube...been there once cause someone made me...and it is not the answer to your question.
    -I can explain whats causing the statistical difference in your posts and give solutions
    -it's a process of discovery
    -it's gonna make all the sense in the world...
    -"time sink" is an analogy for BORED
    -What about me
    ? go see 4 urself
    -I believe people read ...however...they forgot how to read correctly or shall I say...the purpose behind reading...or THEIR purpose.
    -I am a slooooooow reader, which my business partner can't stand - which results in the occasional communication conundrum.
    -the media has ruled the roost, long enough and will be coming to an end, hopefully sooner than/then later
    -If you are interested in knowing my theory on stage 1 of the current me

    I have some questions for you...because I believe a certain Institution has violated my rights to the absolute extreme. HELP


  2. Hello, my name is Bryan. I actually found you through YouTube, which I spend a lot of time enjoying instead of reading or writing lately. Yours is one of few channels that I subscribe to, and I look forward to more of your videos, but I also intend to visit this page and read more of your writing. I want to disagree with madamtrixie about YouTube, and I am looking for a way to put my writing into a video format, but as of yet I don't know the solution. If I could find an illustrator to work with me on no budget, I would like to post a video of a poem I wrote. That said, there are certain aspects inherent in writing that are lost when you put the words somewhere other than a page. My own writing often deals with aesthetics of the words themselves, or challenges that many people don't even notice I have given myself. The clearest example I can think of for that is writng an entire chapter without the use of the letter "E". I love the challenge, and I feel that producing content for YouTube is another challenge for me. I hope that you will continue to create in both arenas and thrive because of it.

    YouTube : BryanTheNinja


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