Thursday, September 14, 2006

George W. Christ?

A gentleman named William "Bill" Smatt - who calls himself the Messenger of God (dot com) has written a book entitled The Messiah (subtitled: The Chosen One, Republican, Hon. George W. Bush, President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA).

Well, the subtitle kind of gives it all away, doesn't it? Yes, Smatt is serious. Yes, he classifies his book as non-fiction. And, yes, he's most likely insane (check out his picture on the web site).

There's not much detail posted on his site, but the folks over at the Left Bumper blog have read the book so we don't have to. From their review:
I have a copy of this waste of paper here in front of me as I write, and every time I touch it I feel just a little dirty. It's a very badly produced, large print, roughly 5x8 softcover "book" that repeatedly proclaims George W. Bush to be "the Chosen One, the Messiah". I just cant bring myself to give it a serious reading, but a quick scan shows it to be a predictably selective mish-mash of recent politics peppered with assertions of Dubya's divinity - devoid of even a Coulterian level of supporting references.

I can't even begin to imagine what sort of sinister, diseased mind would write, let alone knowingly distribute this drivel. All I can say is that it sorely tests my deep belief in tolerance and equality. There just aren't enough sanitariums in the world to hold these people, it seems.
Also on the Left Bumper site is more background on the mysterious Mr. Smatt.

This would be amusing if there weren't other people who do think W is some sort of savior sent from Heaven. Luckily, there are also smart people who put out parodies of these morons, such as the folks behind Bush is Lord (dot com), "Building a safer world, one Christian at a time."

Amen, and pass the potatoes.

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  1. You really can't take an author too seriously when they mis-spell their own name on their website.


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