Saturday, September 22, 2001

After yesterday's posting, where I amazed myself by coming out in favor of a war of covert actions and assassinations, I feel the need to pull back a bit, and take a breath today. Let me ask you just this one question: If your war is against terrorism in general, not just to round up one gang of terrorists in particular, how do you know when you've won?

My friends in Salt Lake are worried about security at the Olympics that are coming there in February. They are concerned about the possibility of chemical or biological weapons in particular and seriously discussing sending there one-year-old daughter to stay with relatives elsewhere during the Olympics - just in case.

If you want a precarious thrill, get your copy of Moby Dick off the shelf (what, you don't have a copy? Go to Borders and look under "Melville") and check out about four paragraphs up from the end of chapter one ("Loomings"). Freaky, eh? (Thanks to W.S.K. for pointing that out).

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