Sunday, September 23, 2001

There are a lot of stories going around by email about things that may, or may not have happened regarding the incidents of September 11 (such as Nostradamus' predictions, the U.S. company that banned the display of flags, the Microsoft Conspiracy, the International Jewish Conspiracy, pilots fighting back, the bloody hands, and the man who rode the falling debris to safety). Find out which ones are true and which ones are false at Urban Legends Reference Page: Rumors of War.

But, if you want real news, news that matters, get to your local supermarket checkout line and pick up the current Weekly World News ("America's Best Newspaper"). On the cover: Bill Catches Hillary with Space Alien! ("I thought she was gay," says stunned ex-Prez"). You won't believe the pictures inside, but if it's in the WWN, it's got to be true!

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