Thursday, September 06, 2001

I'm not $88 million richer today than I was yesterday. I thought I might be, but I just checked the winning Lotto numbers, and I'm not. For $88 million, I thought, what the Hell? I bought a couple of quick-picks. I guess this means I've got to continue searching for a job.

Yesterday I had a fairly decent job interview. I can't say that I felt I had it locked down, but I don't think I blew it too bad either. It was a slightly different experience in that I knew the woman interviewing me. The organization was a sometime partner of HandsNet in a few projects, so I knew them, they knew me, they understand the situation. Whether that helps my case or hurts remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, I called the state EDD (Employment Development Department) and activated my claim for unemployment insurance. After paying into the system for twenty-two years I suppose it might be about time that I get a little bit back. But it still feels like something I shouldn't be doing; like I'm cheating somehow. I'm sure I'll get over it when I see how little I'll be getting. This isn't a life choice; it's an emergency measure.

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