Tuesday, September 24, 2002

After my "no hope" posting of a few days ago, I'm pleased to share the following article with you:

Palestinian girl gets life-saving kidney from Jewish victim of suicide bombing

"On Friday, a Jewish student from Scotland died of the injuries he received when he was
the victim of a suicide bomb attack on a Tel Aviv bus. On Monday, his kidney was transplanted into a Yasmin Abu Ramila, a seven-year-old Palestinian girl living in Jerusalem."
Read the article here

This touching little story is the first glimmer of hope I've seen from Israel/Palestine in a long time, and yet it was nearly invisible to the major news media. Sure, they don't want to be accused of serving fluff in the face of a serious situation, but without this human face of the people involved we don't get the full story.

Read this article, and remember that there are human beings on each side of this war.

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