Friday, September 06, 2002

The California Gubernatorial race is getting uglier by the minute, with most voters looking for any choice besides the two major party candidates.

You've already read here my endorsement of Green Party candidate Peter Miguel Camejo - but that's nothing new for me to be openly going Green. What is new is that when I tell that to people they're not giving me the "you're crazy" scoffing look. I'm getting looks of interest, and consideration.

I've also heard several associates saying that for the first time, they're thinking of not voting at all - which would be a terrible waste.

In one recent poll, Dick Riordan came out in the lead. The only problem with that is that Dick Riordan isn't running. He was defeated for the Republican nomination several months ago. It seems Republican voters are having a change of heart about who they did nominate.

That nominee is Bill Simon, whose latest bit of scandal (he's had many) involves his many positions on gay rights. To a survey conducted by the Log Cabin Republicans (a gay Republican group) he said that he supports domestic partner benefits and a state-wide Gay Pride Day.

When asked about those answers at an event for a more traditional (right wing) Republican group, he said he supported neither of those positions, and explained his survey answers with something along the lines of, "When I gave those answers they were answers to the questions that I was given at that time" (or something like that).

After having time to sort things out, the official story now is that a staffer had filled out the Log Cabin questionnaire and used the auto-pen to sign it. Bill Simon was immediately dis-invited from a Republican fundraiser in Hollywood set for the following day.

Not that incumbent Governor, Democrat Gray Davis, is doing much better. He just managed to pass a new state budget (months late) that he openly admits is insufficient, has very little to do with reality, and will lead to deficits. Not the sort of sound bite you want to put out in an election year.

Is it any wonder I'm depressed about the state of the state?

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