Monday, September 23, 2002

Here's another way to sell books that I hadn't considered. Just stand on the sidewalk of a busy street holding up a half-dozen copies in your hand. Don't say anything, no shouts out "Books for sale!" No signs "Author will sign own work." Just wait for people to come up and ask what it's all about.

That's what Bert Glick was doing along Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz on Saturday when I spotted him. The low key approach worked. Walking past him one way he probably had five or six books. There wasn't time to stop, but I made a note to check out his book on my way back. Forty-five minutes later I passed again, and this time stopped to talk to him. He had one book left, which I bought for $10.

1) His poetry is quite good - and I don't normally read much poetry. You can find his books for sale on his web site:

2) I need to gather the guts to go out next weekend and do the same thing with a stack of my books. No need to make a big production about it; just stand there holding up a few books and see what happens. But how should I dress?

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