Friday, September 27, 2002

New season, part two: "West Wing" continues to be the only show worth paying attention to, and "Scrubs" continues to be the only comedy to be anything close to original (well, not that close, but closer). The season premieres of these two shows did not disappoint. "Ed" came close, with a guest appearance by Danny Devito as a psychologist/grifter, but could easily get lost this season with re-treads of the Ed & Carol are they / aren't they storylines.

"Friends" - hopefully in its final season - did amuse me slightly, I'm embarrassed to admit. But this show has always been like that; a guilty little pleasure that you know is a waste of time, but can still make one laugh.

The final new show that I watched last night was "Good Morning Miami." A strong supporting cast may get me to watch this one or two more times before passing judgement, but the lead characters look like they might get very annoying and very cliche very quickly.

Look, I know that two posts in a row reviewing television shows is a total waste of time. But isn't it a slight relief from fretting about the situations in Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Don't worry, I'll get back to fretting about impending doom soon enough.

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