Monday, September 30, 2002

"With an economic rebound nowhere in sight, some veterans of the dot-com bubble are abandoning the Bay Area for places as far afield as Haiti, Honduras and Ghana. ... Their road to the Next Big Thing is the same one taken by a previous generation of idealistic young Americans: the Peace Corps."

"Peace Corps recruiters nationwide have noticed a jump in applications since President Bush called on Americans to volunteer in his State of the Union Address in January. But in the Bay Area inquiries began to pick up back in spring 2001, coinciding with the dot-com collapse."

The Peace Corp is also pleased to be reaching out to the former dot-comers, and has been targeting them in their outreach. They're "looking for applicants who can innovate and be flexible -- skills many dot-commers learned on the job. 'They are coming from a unique work setting, where creativity and the ability to think outside the box are at a premium, ... We need creativity to think of new solutions to age-old problems.'"

Read the whole article from the Mercury News

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