Sunday, September 15, 2002

(a copy of the newsletter that I just emailed to my subscriber list)

Dear Friends,

Since my last message to you all I've posted two new short stories to my web site and garnered several excellent reviews on my book, "Aaron's Intifada and Other Short Stories."

The most exciting of the reviews comes from Midwest Book Review, who gave me five stars on, and concluded by saying that Aaron's Intifada was "...strongly recommended as an impressive and engaging anthology that reflects Goldstein's skillfully original storytelling talent."

You can find more information about the book, including sample stories and links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others, at the official book web site:

The two latest stories posted to my site each came about as the result of writing contests. One was the winner, while the other was 1st runner-up. See if you can tell which one got the higher score:

The Fortune Cookie
"One day in her life, Cora Lynn decided to stop being the custodian of other peoples' memories." An old woman searches for herself in the gifts that others have brought her.

The Forgotten Key
"I no longer predict the future, and with the way things have worked out, I'm beginning to doubt I ever did." A psychic searches for the key to his own hidden past.

And, of course, there's nearly always something new posted on my weblog:

Thanks for your support, and keep on reading!


Ken Goldstein

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