Saturday, September 21, 2002

The news is just too depressing to even write about. This week started for me with Yom Kippur, a day of reflection, spirituality, and a search for redemption and peace (both within and for all). Tuesday and Wednesday I took part in a local conference that addressed multicultural issues, and attempted to build bridges among the many different ethnic and racial communities within the San Jose area.

During the second day of the conference came the first of two new Palestinian suicide attacks in Israel. By weeks end, the Israeli's had retaliated by laying siege to Arafat's headquarters, and blowing it apart along with any hope for peace that may have existed a week ago. Not surprisingly, that's precisely what the suicide bombers wanted; to end the hope for any negotiated peace.

Through it all was the constant sounding of the war drum from our "leaders" in Washington (or should that be war drumb?). Like the Israeli's foolish attack on Arafat, this will only escalate tensions and terrorism, rather than calm them. The very ills that these acts of war seek to prevent, or retaliate for, will be fertilized by these actions.

Somehow, I need to get back to the space I was in during the first part of this week. But that's not enough. Unless we can all find our way there, I'm finding it hard to see any hope on this sunny morning.

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